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Anlager Svenska AB was established in 2005 to commercialise the Swedish entrepreneur Kurt Anderson’s patented invention to oxygenate water by aeration. We call this invention “EffectiveNew™” because of its unique ability to effectively oxygenate the water. High oxygen content at low energy consumption.

From the start, the technique was used to treat ground water to standards of drinking water quality. Today, our technology is developed for treatments in lakes and ponds, leachate water and wastewater plants. In treatment of drinking water we are, what we know, the only company to handle all types of water without the use of chemicals. With regard to lakes and ponds, we are the only company able to eradicate algae bloom by oxygenation. The unique feature is simply in the high oxygen content in the aerated water. This in turn is a result of our ability to create the “right sized” air bubbles in the water. The size of the bubbles are critical — not too big and not too small.

Our aeration technology significantly reduce the carbon impact of the water industry, and it has proven to be commercially viable to our clients. We are dedicated to continue this transformation in the marketplace.